About Us

Mr. Fabrics (Pvt) Limited is a fully compliant knitted apparel manufacturing facility, established in 1991, located at 18 Km Ferozepur road, Lahore, Pakistan.

The principle target markets in US, Europe, Canada and Australia are being catered with optimum level of satisfaction over last 30 years.

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Our Range

We trust in quality which makes it unquestionable that every step in the production of our product meets the highest criterions set out forward by our venerated customers.


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Fabric Inspection

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Printing and Embroidery

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Finishing and Packing

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Our Products

Mr. Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd is committed to bring excellence in quality of products for our precious customers.




Quality Assurance


To be globally recognized for excellence in product & environment quality, meeting time lines, becoming equal opportunity employer and a socially responsible company.


Achieving excellence through:
Continuous innovation in product development to ensure sustainable growth. Acquisition and development of talent to pave way for their career growth & commitment to the community by offering the chances of growth at National and /regional Level.

Our Values

Honesty- Integrity- Compassion-Humility- Team Development & creating high values for the customers.

Envoirmental Protection

Mr. Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd is committed to bring excellence in quality and protection of the natural environment using the earth’s resources in a sustainable way.

To boost solar adoption, we are helping the industry segment to understand and adopt the green technologies by adopting the solar energy generation. We found out that our solar system has helped us to reduce our dependence on national grid and to become self-sufficient not only to fulfill our own needs but in a way redirecting the surplus energy to the government systems so that the energy consumption load is neutralized.

By becoming the part of trend setters, we believe the other industrial players will also follow the same foot steps to contribute in the national development.



Mr. Fabrics (Pvt) Limited has been conferred upon by many international certifications for the quality production and safety protocols and has been audited time and time again and has come out with flying colours.


Our Business Partners